5 Muscle Building Tips

A lot of men struggle with muscle building. There is so much information out there and this leaves them feeling confused. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself. If you want to build muscle, then check out these five muscle building tips.

1. Keep workouts Under An Hour

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend more than an hour exercising to get results. In fact, by keeping your workouts around 40-45 minutes long, you’ll be keeping certain hormones high and certain ones low. The hormones that remain low are catabolic, while the anabolic hormones stay high. What you want to do is get into the gym and not mess around. Hit the weights hard, stay focus and then leave.

If you plan on doing cardio and weights, then do 30 minutes of weight and 15 minutes of cardio. Another way you can split the two up is by doing 40 minutes of weights and five minutes of very intense cardio, such as cycling or running as fast as you can.

2. It’s All About Compound Exercises

There’s nothing wrong with isolation exercises, but compound exercises should be apart of all your workouts. These exercises include presses, squats, rows and variations of the deadlift. Compound exercises work various body parts, while placing emphasis on one main body part.

More than half your workout should consist of compound exercises and then the rest can be made up of isolation movements.

3. Rotate Your Exercises

You should rotate your exercises every 4-6 weeks. Instead of doing the same old exercises for each body part, switch it up after 4-6 weeks. Do completely different exercises for a few weeks. Rotating your exercises is a great way to keep things interesting, but more importantly it is one of the fastest ways to build muscle.

Let’s say you do commonly do the bench press, incline bench press and dumbbell flyes for your chest. When the time comes to rotate your exercises, you can do machine bench press, decline bench press and cable flyes for the next few weeks.

4. Eat

Consume 1-2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. The same goes for protein, and you should include foods such as wild caught seafood, grass fed beef and organic eggs. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are good options, too. Potatoes and rice can be consumed because they contain a good amount of carbs.

Stay away from all bad foods, such as fried food, sugary beverages and so forth. If you really feel like you need a cheat day, then once every two weeks you can allow yourself to indulge and have one cheat meal. Do not eat junk all day long on your cheat day because this will only hamper your efforts.

5. Sleep Eight Hours Per Night

The ideal amount of sleep to get is eight hours per night. If you struggle to get that much, then nap whenever you get the chance. Napping is better than getting no sleep.

Those muscle building tips should help you get results within a few months. Generally speaking, you should see a difference after about three months. However, if you skip a bunch of workouts and eat unhealthy, then don’t expect to see drastic results. If you are serious about building muscle, then stick to a training regime and keep the above tips in mind.